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What are the different types of Transpiration ? [ 2021 UPDATED ]

If you are searching that, " What are the different types of transpiration ?". Then you are at the correct article because we are going to discuss about definition, types, process and factors of transpiration. Plants absorb large quantities of water as well as mineral salts from the soil with the help of their roots. This water is conducted in the upward direction upto the tips of stem, branches and leaves by a process called ascent of sap.

How the Coronavirus Vaccine Preparations running in India ?

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation Research by Indian scientists for the vaccine has now reached the level of animal trials.  This test will start in a week or two.  After success in this, it will be tested on humans. Not only this, Seven to eight scientific groups of the country are leading in vaccine research.  All of them are in  Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation .

Earth's Atmosphere : Composition and Structure of Atmosphere.

If you have any doubt related to the composition and structure of atmosphere , you must read this article till end because it will clear your basic doubt related to Earth's Atmosphere. Three quarters of the atmosphere's mass is within 11 km of the planetary surface. The atmosphere is one of the most important components of the environment on the earth. In the absence of atmosphere life would not have been possible on the earth.