Earthquake in Delhi today: Latest news with all updates 2020

Earthquake in Delhi for the third time in a month, the center was in Wazirpur, New Delhi

The tremor has been felt again in the capital on Sunday amid lockdown.  Its intensity on the Richter scale 3.5 measured.  Earlier on 12 and 13 April, tremors were felt in Delhi.  JL Gautam, head of operations of the National Seismology Center (NCS), said that the earthquake tremors occurred at 1 pm.  45 were realized. 

The epicenter of the earthquake in Delhi, 2020 was near Wazirpur in north-east Delhi at a depth of five kilometers from the surface.  Earth shivered for a few seconds due to the earthquake in Delhi 2020. 

Earthquake in Delhi
People got frightened by this.  Ironically, on the one hand, where people were in their homes due to the lockdown, on the other hand, they were seen running out of panic due to earthquake.

 No loss of life or property is reported from the earthquake.

The earthquake occurred twice in 24 hours: Earlier on April 12 and 13 in Delhi, earthquake tremors were felt.  On April 12, earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi - NCR at around 5: 50 pm. 

Its intensity 3.5 was told.  The center was in the eastern part of Delhi.  After this, the earthquake came again on 13 April.  This day the intensity on the Richter scale 2.7 was recorded.

Areas having more dangerwith the earthquake in Delhi,2020

Even though the intensity of the earthquake that struck Delhi on Sunday afternoon was only 3 on the Richter scale.  But it can also be a sign of some big danger for the future.  The reason, where the epicenter of the earthquake was also for the third time in a month. 

A team of 80 geoscientists has already prepared a report about the same festival Delhi.  This report buried in the files needs to be taken seriously.

In the report prepared by the central government, it is clearly stated that due to the earthquake, there may be more damage in Shahdara, Mayur Vihar and Laxmi Nagar, close to the banks of Yamuna coast in Delhi. 

Retired Director of Geological Survey of India, Dr.  Hari Singh Saini says that East Delhi's soil is very loose.  Here the soil near the river Yamna has been taken and its age is also very short.

This area is located in Yamuna Khadar and there is some deficiency in most of the buildings here.

Earthquake in Delhi 2020

Moisturized surfaces are more dangerous

When an earthquake occurs, the future of the house depends to a large extent on the structure of the land.  If the building is built on a moist surface ie ridge area or any soil that absorbs water for a long time, then the danger is more than that.

Because the earthquake causes the soil there to become loose.  Where the soil is dry or sandy, the rocky rocks are below, then there are different effects during the earthquake.

Three fault lines in Delhi - NCR

JL Gautam, director (operations), National Seismology Center, says that where there are fault lines, the earthquake is the epicenter.  Under Delhi, NCR - Delhi - Moradabad Fault Line, Mathura Fault Line and Sohna Fault Line are present.  Therefore it is better that the construction here is anticorruption.

Geologists said, no major earthquake will come

Geologists believe that there is no possibility of any major earthquake here.  According to JL Gautam, it does not appear that all three earthquakes were caused by fault-line pressure.  He said that the fault lines are not required more for these local and low intensity earthquakes.

Small adjustments are made under the ground and it sometimes causes tremors.  Large earthquakes hit the edge of the fault line.  Gautam said that Himalayan belt, not Delhi, is more vulnerable to earthquake.

Large earthquakes occur in the range going from Hindukush to Arunachal Pradesh.  This mountain is 200 - 250 kilometers away from Delhi.

Therefore, it is difficult to become the epicenter of Delhi.  More danger here in Delhi: A report from the Ministry of Earth Sciences suggests that the Yamuna plains are more vulnerable to earthquakes.

East Delhi, Lutyens Delhi, Sarita Vihar, Paschim Vihar, Wazirabad, Karol Bagh and Janakpuri are very populated, so the danger here is high.

These areas can withstand big tremors

At the same time, areas like Chhatarpur, Naraina, Vasant Kunj can withstand big earthquakes.  At the same time, the building of Delhi Secretariat, Delhi Police Headquarters, Vikas Bhawan, Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital was also strengthened in the last few years.

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