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How the Coronavirus Vaccine Preparations running in India ?

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation

Research by Indian scientists for the vaccine has now reached the level of animal trials.  This test will start in a week or two.  After success in this, it will be tested on humans. Not only this, Seven to eight scientific groups of the country are leading in vaccine research.  All of them are in Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation.
Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation

Scientists from half a dozen educational institutions are also involved in vaccine studies. But, Indian scientists may take 12 to 18 months for complete success.  75 teams of scientists worldwide are involved in the vaccine.  

Behalf of the Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation, A senior official said that the vaccine, made in any country, will be produced in India.  According to the information, scientists of some companies including Bharat Biotech, Cadila, Serum Institute have reached animal trials.

On the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the monitoring of researches started in the country, Dr. B.R.  Renu is doing form. After this, Ongoing research on virus breeding: According to the ministry, studies on corona have started in India.  After entering the body, the virus rapidly produces other viruses and starts to spread manifold.

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation : IIT Guwahati signed agreement for vaccine.

IIT Guwahati has tied up with Ahmedabad-based biosciences company Hester for the Corona vaccine.  Its trial on animals will begin by the end of the year.  For the vaccine, recombinant avian paramyxovirus-1 will work on the protein containing SARS-covid-2.  
Sachin Kumar, Associate Professor of the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, said that it is too early to say anything on this vaccine.  Only after the results of its testing on animals can be said.

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation : Successful on monkeys in Oxford, now trial on 6 thousand humans.  

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation
Scientists at the Jenner Institute at Oxford University in Britain claim that the clinical trial of the vaccine on monkeys has been successful.  Now, by the end of May, they will also test on six thousand humans.  Then, the vaccine may enter the market by September this year after emergency approval from the regulators.
Currently, Oxford University tested the vaccine on six macaque monkeys at the Rocky Mountain Lab of the National Institutes of Health in Montana in March.  This species of monkeys is considered to be closest to humans.

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation : After 28 days the monkey was found healthy.  

Dr.  Vincent Munstwer said, 28 days later six monkeys with the vaccine were found healthy, while the other monkeys became ill.  However, some experts are saying that the formation of antibodies in monkeys does not guarantee the same in humans.  But, the results certainly increased the enthusiasm to take the trial to the next stage.

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation : Increasing temperature may reduce infection

The infection decreases as the temperature rises.  A study by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) on this has revealed that there is a strong correlation between 85 to 88% between daytime average temperature rise and decrease in infection.  
This study in Maharashtra and Karnataka has found that the higher the temperature increases and the lower the virus outbreak and this can be helpful for the Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation .  However, the study also emphasized that in view of the extremely dense population in India, measures like social distance and lockdown should not be relied on due to temperature and humidity, because they are proving very effective in the conditions here. 
A study conducted in Maharashtra revealed that there is an 85% correlation in corona decrease with increasing temperature, while in Karnataka, 88% correlate between increased temperature and reduced corona outbreak.  The virus lives longer in cold and dry conditions.

Cases has decreased in area having temperatures above 25 degrees and there is less need of Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation.

Reduction in case temperatures above 25 degrees According to Neeri's study, when the average figures for temperature and relative humidity in Maharashtra and Karnataka were evaluated, it was found that Covid - 19 when the daily average temperature was 25 degrees or above.  
A decrease in cases was reported with decrease in the need of Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation and it has also been said that India's environment is proving comparatively beneficial in preventing corona infection.  
The corona remains more active in cold, the corona has a layer of lipids just like other viruses.  In cold, its outer surface is tightened, leaving another layer on top of it and the virus becomes more resilient. Hence, this is the reason why such viruses become more active in cold and their is need of Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation.
Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation

Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation : AIIMS in preparation for clinical trial of plasma therapy.  

Corona is preparing clinical trial preparations for plasma therapy in the treatment of patients.  Dr Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS, said, "This therapy is currently in the experimental phase and we are working closely with ICMR for its clinical trials".  
All institutions are required to obtain approval from ICMR and DCGI for plasma therapy.  Guleria said, plasma safety should be tested and should have adequate antibodies that are suitable for corona patients.  
Dr. Neeraj Nischal, Assistant Professor of the Department of Medicine at AIIMS, said that in the treatment of corona patients, the therapy of offering plasma from a healthy patient to another patient is considered beneficial if there is no antivirus therapy.  
But, for this to be effective, there must be enough antibodies against plasma infection.  This therapy is not perfect and has its risks.  This can also worsen the patient's condition.

During the Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation, Columbia University scientists claim corona virus will end with ultraviolet light in air.

Increasing the presence of air will increase the risk of viruses. Since, scientists at Columbia University of New York are working on ultraviolet light, which will be used to disinfect hospitals, schools, airports and railway stations.  
Director of the University's Center of Research School, Dr.  According to David Berner, UV lights are used for sanitation in hospitals and medical research institutions and right now, a special kind of for-UV light can eliminate microbes and there is no risk.
Coronavirus Vaccine Preparation : Dr.  According to the burner, 90% of the viruses were killed with light doses of for-UVC light with no damage to the skin.  
Closed room cleaning: Have to do it yourself  Burner states that light is not harmful in large public spaces.  But, when someone sneezes or coughs in a small room. Then, the place has to be kept clean.
Prepare after lockdown,  
Countries will now have to prepare after the lockdown opens.  In order to kill the virus, UV lights will have to be installed in public places and robots will have to be brought for cleanliness and Cleanliness has to be paid more attention, otherwise a second setback can shake the world.

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