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Corona Update In America- Death toll exceeds 50 percent in 7 states of America

Corona Update in America  

Corona virus has caused the most devastation in America.  It has the highest number of 10, 48, 834 patients in the world while more than 60, 000 people have died.  Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that the number of deaths during the last five weeks in seven US states is 50% lower than the actual number.

At the same time, the number of people who died from corona in the world has reached 2, 25, 615 so far.  While 31, 88, 596 are infected.  The news of relief is that 9, 86, 622 people in the world have been cured of this disease.  It was the Corona Update In America.

Corona Update In America - Exeed in death toll

According to the CDC, there have been 9,000 more deaths than the official count in 7 US states.  The agency has clarified that the death toll released by the government does not include all deaths.

Between March 8 and April 11, all-cause deaths have increased in Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and New Jersey.  The number of infected in New York has reached 305, 086.  While 23, 474 have died.

Corona Update - Russia and Britain are troubled by Coronavirus 

Lack of security kits in Russia, 5841 patients received in 24 hours Russian President Putin has admitted that the country is short of security kits and equipment.  So far, more than 99,000 infection cases have been reported here.  In the last 24 hours 5841 new patients have been found in the country.  This figure is still the highest in a day.

After China, Britain has also revised the death toll from Corona.  Due to this, the number of dead there in one day has increased by 3, 811.  At the same time the number of dead in the UK reached 26, 097.

Corona Update In America

From Wednesday, the UK has included in the official list of those who lost their lives due to the disease in care homes and in their homes.  In 3811, only 30% died in hospitals while 70% died in care home or Khad's house.  Earlier, China also hid the death tolls in its place and later suddenly increased about 1300 dead in a day.

Corona Update In America - CIA gave twelve warnings to Trump

According to Corona Update In America, A sensational revelation has emerged in the US about the outcry over Corona.  CIA officials made President Donald Trump aware of the Corona epidemic several times in January-February.  Not only this, 12 warnings were also issued, but they were ignored by the President.  He was busy in preparations for the election.  CIA officials told the Washington Post that Trump has consistently ignored his warnings, which Americans are suffering.

Corona Update In America - 64 naval personnel of destroyer warship Covid - 19 infected

64 Naval Covid-19 on board the US Navy destroyer warship 'USS KID' at the San Diego Naval Base in California, US, has been found positive in the report.  This information was given by the news agency Xinhua citing local media.

Corona Update -  Rana Hamir Singh from Sindh province of Pakistan has been found Corona positive

Senior Hindu legislator Rana Hamir Singh from Sindh province of Pakistan has been found Corona positive.  He recently met Abdul Rashid, the provincial legislator of the Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal Party, at the inauguration of the Medical Ventilator Room in Mithi, the district's chief town.  Rashid was later found to be infected with Corona.  At the same time, the number of victims in the country has increased to 14,885.  The death toll has risen to 327.

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Corona Update In America

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