Successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine: Vaccine Name Pitkovac

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh conducted successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine on mice.

Scientists at America's University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine have prepared antibodies that will give the body the strength to fight Coronaviruses. This vaccine, given by injection, can be neutralized within 2 weeks. This was a successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine on mice.

Successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine

Scientists are now preparing to get permission from the American Food and Drug Administration for its human clinical trial. After the successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine, researcher and dermatologist Prof. Louise Fallow says that it can take at least 1 year to test on humans.

Researcher Adria Vote claims that "we have the experience of SARS 2 in 2003 and MERS in 2014. By taking advantage of this, the vaccine that we have discovered can strongly prevent the infection of Coronavirus after this successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine".

The complete information about this study has been published in the journal Bio Medicine. The researchers said that the vaccine they discovered was capable of producing a sufficient amount of antibodies to Covid-19. Scientists have claimed that this vaccine will be able to neutralize the virus within a week.

The corona virus is very similar to the virus called SARS and MARS. Scientists told that because animals have not been tracked for very long, it is too early to say how much the immune system can fight coronavirus.

But this vaccine has proved to be unmatched on mice. It produced so many antibodies that it was able to neutralize the virus for at least a year.

Vaccine Name Pitkovac

Behalf of the successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine, the researchers reported that two viruses ( SARS and MARS) closely associated with Covid-19 taught us about the spike protein, which is important in generating immunity against the virus.

This vaccine has been named Pitkovac by these researchers. This virus builds up immunity by forming pieces of protein in the laboratory as in the flu.

Successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine

Researchers have used the new drug delivery technique to increase its effect. He made a patch of 400 very fine needles equal to the tip of the finger, which would inject pieces of spike protein into the skin, where the resistance is strongest.

This patch sticks like a plaster and the needles get inside the skin which is made of sugar and protein.

The dermatologist Professor Lewis Fallow, who was involved in the research, said that we adopted the same starch method used to apply smallpox vaccines.

But this is a high-tech version which is more effective and is also made from other patients and there is no pain in it.

Researchers said that this vaccine can be made on a large scale. But, this successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine is a great success for researchers. 

Antimalarial hydroxychloroquine risks heart disease

The use of anti-malarial drugs and the antibiotic azithromycin used to treat the corona virus may increase the risk of heart diseases.

US cardiologists have claimed that the use of these drugs can cause the heartbeat to reach abnormally dangerous levels. 

Aragon Health and Science University and Indiana University researchers said that doctors treating patients with Coronavirus with anti-malarial drugs should monitor abnormal heartbeat in patients' lower heart.

At this stage the lower part of the heart beats rapidly and irregularly and a heart attack may occur. 

The lead author of the paper, Eric Stacker, said, "There is little data on the effectiveness of hydrochloroquine in treating Covid-19, but many doctors are still using it. They should be aware of its side effects."

100 million anti-malaria tablets ordered

After the recommendation of the use of the malaria drug in the treatment of corona, the central government has ordered more than 10.7 crores of tablet hydroxychloroquine to make several anti-malarial companies.

In fact, the ICMR recommends to give health workers this medicine to avoid Kurla, even before that 7000000 tablets were purchased.

But this successful trial of Coronavirus vaccine by the scientists at the University of Pittsburgh is a great news at this time.

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