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Live classes started at Delhi University through Dhoot Software

Live classes started at Delhi University through Dhoot Software

Country-wide lockdown has also changed the way of teaching at Delhi University's School of Open Learning (SOL). SOL started its live classes from Friday through the Dhoot software. Mathematics and Economics teachers came to know the students through live classes.

The SOL administration has prepared the schedule of classes and emailed the students. Now students can take these classes at home according to their schedule.

The special thing is that along with laptop and desktop, the benefit of these classes can also be availed through mobile.

OSD Uma Shankar Pandey said that the semester system has started from the current session, so it is very important to complete the syllabus, so that the students of the examinations do not face any problem.

He informed that help is being taken from TKV company's Software Dhoot to take live classes.

On Friday, from 2:30 to 6:00 pm, Dr. Suman Kumar and Dr. Khotia took Mathematics and Economics. In these classes, students do not have any problem because they were sent a link on the email which the students had to click and directly connect to the class.

 He said that there will be no loss of students' education in this way and the course can also be completed. We have started putting videos on the website, due to which we are bringing more and more text material online.

Students will be able to improve their English from home

SOL has tied up with TCS company to give the students the benefit of lockdown. A 15-day report has been prepared by the company.

Dr. Pandey told that through this online effort, not only students can improve their English, but they can also do well in terms of career.

Not only this, school will improve their skills, which will give them benefit in future. A certificate will be given to the students after a class of 2 hours per day at home.

Launch helpline website for solution of students trapped in lockdown

Students stuck in Lockdown will now be able to complain about hostels, food, exams, online studies, education, housing etc. directly to the government.

Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has prepared a website to solve the problems of students due to the closure of hostels etc. during the lockdown period on Friday.

 This helpline website ( has been prepared by technical experts of AICTE. Nishank said that all of us are saddened by the difficulties being faced by the students.

Through this website, you will be able to get facilities related to hostels, food, drinking, examination, transport, education, health care, trapped in lockdown. 

Currently, 6500 colleges have extended their hand to help this website. By joining this website, students will be able to get solutions to their problems.

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