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What will be impact of Mutation in Corona Virus on Vaccine ?

Impact of Mutation in Corona Virus on Vaccine

If the current  form of Corona Virus changes, the vaccine will be ineffective.
The whole world is focused on the vaccine at this time only to prevent Corona Virus. However, it is not yet clear how effective it will be against Covid-19.

But scientists believe that the effect of the vaccine will depend more on the changes in the genetic structure (Mutation) of the virus.

Accordingly, a change in the vaccine may be required. If the virus does not mutate much, then the same vaccine will remain effective on most people. Many scientists have described two major situations regarding the effects of mutations and vaccines.

Impact of Mutation in Corona Virus on Vaccine

What is Mutation ?

Mutation is the change in genetic structure of living organism. E.g. Virus. It is the change occurs in genetic structure mainly in DNA sequences of any living organism. Mutations are the main cause of diversity among different-different organisms.

How does a single Vaccine of Corona Virus will work on everyone ?

Success of any vaccine is possible only when the virus does not mutate. Scientists say that like other viruses, Covid-19 is mutating from one person to another. However, the process of infection remains the same.

Normally, any virus overcomes the cell and starts to increase the clan. In some cases, mutations may appear in this replication. But mutations take time. Antibodies given by the vaccine deal specifically with limited mutations.

What if the mutation reduces the effect of the vaccine ?

If the coronavirus performs a mutation in such a way that the antibody does not affect it, then the same vaccine will not work for everyone. The antibody shows its effect by stopping the virus antigen, but if the virus continuously changes the antigen, the effect of the antibody decreases.

Impact of Mutation in Corona Virus on Vaccine

This is often seen in flu viruses, when the same virus is introduced with a strain. Different vaccines are required for each strain. Keeping these new strains in mind, scientists make vaccines.

There is less expectation of Mutation.

By the way, scientists believe that at present, there is no widespread immunization against Corona. So the virus does not need much changes to stay vaccinated. Even if the size of the antigen changes with mutation, it will not be very stable. But the day people will be immune against the effective strain of Corona, then the possibility of their new strain coming out will increase.

Changes in genome can be seen after vaccine.

A scientist says that Covid-19 is mutating. Peter Thielen, a molecular biologist at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, says that 11 types of mutations have been found so far common in thousands of patients. 

But now only one strain exists around the world. There is very little change in its spike protein, so it will not change its appearance very much.

Thielen says that it is not yet fully known how the corona genome will change after the use of the vaccine, so we are closely watching it.

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