How can ROBOTS help to fight against CORONA ?

Robots will help doctors protect against infection of Corona

The robot will now help doctors and medical staff to protect themselves from infection during the treatment of Corona virus patients. Scientists at IIT Guwahati are preparing a robot that will easily help ICU patients in everything from medicine, testing and eating. 

In addition, another robot will be able to collect infectious waste such as syringe, bottle, injection etc. Human intervention will be less in this.

During the meeting on Wednesday, Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank asked IIT officials how they can help in the rescue of coronaviruses through technology. 

IIT Guwahati told that work is going on to build the above 2 robots. The team of the electrical engineering and mechanical engineering department of the institute is engaged in preparing the robot. 

Apart from this, researchers have also created Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine. With this help, 1000 samples can be tested in 12 hours.Both machines have been sent to Guwahati Medical College.

The PROTOTYPE will be ready in 2 weeks

The teams working on these robots claim that the prototype will be ready in 10 to 15 days. After this, there will be a test run in the Institution's Hospital and Center of Nanotechnology.

During this time, doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are being trained for the precautions to be taken in corona treatment. Robot based screening units will be operated after its completion.

Help will be found in dealing with dangerous virus Corona

The team of scientists and researchers of the institute is engaged in inventing several techniques for prevention of coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses engaged in the treatment of patients with robots will reduce the risk of getting infected. 
-TG Sitaram director IIT Guwahati

Donald Trump conducts Corona test through a new technology, report come negative in just 15 minutes

US President Donald Trump has not been found infected in the coronavirus investigation for the second time.

Trump's doctor Sean Connery did not give any reason for the second investigation, but said that the President's investigation was done with a technique that gave results in 15 minutes, which came negative. He said that the President is completely healthy.

On this, Trump said, "I get the investigation done, the White House doctor has just given this report." Trump said that he had the investigation done because he was curious to know how quickly and how fast it works. 

Earlier, he had undergone tests in mid-March after coming in contact with 2 people who were infected, which was negative. Trump said that America is in the phase of its fight against Covid-19.

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