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What is Body Posture ? Describe the advantage of Good Posture.

In this articles, we are going to discuss about what is Body Posture and what are the advantage of Good Posture. But before that we should be aware about good body posture.Good Posture Posture is the body position. It may be static or dynamic such as sitting, standing, lying, walking, running, reading, etc. There are different views about posture. According to Physical Educationists: "Posture is a tool of mechanical efficiency of body which causes m├Čnimum stress to muscles. Moreover, maximum output of physical efficiency can be attained."According to Doctors, Posture is soundness of physiological balance of body". According to Actors, 'Posture is tool to express emotions and attitude'. From the above we can conclude that good posture helps the body to function efficiently and effectively.
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What are the different Principles and Functions of Balance Diet ?

REST, SLEEP AND RELAXATIONDuring rest and sleep, body rebuilds its tissues that help in growth. The duration of rest, sleep and relaxation varies with the age, activity, sex.
An infant needs more sleep than an adult. During sleep, growth and development become active. In this period repair of cells, rebuilding of new cells, recovery from injuries, etc., are carried out in body.
For adult a sound sleep for 6 to 7 hours is sufficient to provide recovery. A person who is performing strenuous (hard physical) work needs adequate rest by which recovery is provided. 
Relaxation refreshes us. It is commonly believed that we should have proper rest, relaxation and recovery before the next work. It should neither be too long nor too short.
This is known as 'three R formula'.
Importance of Sleep and Rest: It gives relaxation to various systems of the body so that they should work efficiently.It helps us to refresh ourselves and carry out the work as before.It saves the heart, pumping blood ag…

Personal Cleanliness in Health Education and its importance.

Health is the foundation of human life. It leads man towards progress and prosperity. Healthy people make a healthy nation. In other words, health is the wealth of an individual, the society and the nation. 
The prosperity of a nation rests upon the health of its citizens. But there are a lot of misconceptions about health.
For a layman, it is a good looking physique; some consider that it is a sound muscular body, for some it is a body without disease or illness; for some it is the ability to work efficiently. Health is a way of life where mental, physical and social "well-being is considered in the absence of disease. In other words, health is the quality of life to live most and serve the best".
Personal health is the base of Health, which guides us the basic things related to self cleanliness, healthy habits, good structural figure, good looking personality and in all optimum health.
This article will help us to understand the health, personal health, hygienic habits, weight …

What are the different sources of waste ? Classification of waste

Waste is a thing that is not required by the producer, processor or owner. It has always been a part of the ecosystem because all organisms produce it. In the modern age it is the man who produces maximum waste.
In nature, there is nothing like waste because the apparent waste produced by one organism becomes input for another organism. Waste is becoming a problem nowadays because it is produced more than what the nature can handle.

An average man generates around 300 to 500 kg of waste per year. This figure reaches 700 kg for European countries. Just imagine the amount of waste in India where population is more than 100 crores.
Major waste producing sources are industry, agriculture, household, municipal, commercial and medical units, etc. It has been observed that urban areas generate more waste than the rural areas. Some wastes are not much harmful but some are hazardous.The waste may be solid, liquid or gaseous.Solid waste is generated from construction, demolition, mining, etc.Liqui…

What are the effects of exercises on Respiratory System ?

In every living cell, more than 5000 types of chemical reactions take place at any time. To carry out these chemical reactions physical activities and other functions of living cells; energy is required. We are going to discuss that what are the effects of exercises on Respiratory System. The source of energy in cells is the organic molecule (glucose). Glucose is oxidized in every cell to release energy in the form of ATP. For this oxidation process of ATP.

Why is the Earth called a unique planet in our solar system ?

The earth is one of the eight planets revolving around the sun. The earth is the third planet away from the sun, Mercury and Venus being the first and second planet from the sun.

What are the different Parts and Characteristics of Flower ?

The flower is the most attractive, brightly, coloured and conspicuous part of the plant. It helps in sexual reproduction and later forms fruit and seeds.PARTS OF A FLOWERThe flower is attached with the stem or its branches with the help of a stalk called pedicel. If the flower is without pedicel, it is called sessile.